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About Us

Who are we?

Founded in 1990, Horizont Ltd is one of the leading companies in the food distribution sector in the Republic of Macedonia. The company’s operation is based on highly developed logistics, excellent distribution support both administrative as well as commercial and full and fast coverage of all the territory of the republic.

horizont macedonia

Privately owned company based in Skopje, with basic activity of distribution and trade of well-known brands in the field of food products, raw materials / ingredients for baking, bakeries, as well as meat products.


Operating on an area of ​3000 square meters, the distribution center of Horizont features an object of 1700 m2 for storage space. This facility includes a main warehouse of 800 square meters for storage of products that do not require a controlled temperature as well as a chamber with a cooling system for storing products that require controlled micro-climate conditions. The whole facility is equipped with modern equipment for measuring temperature, humidity and monitoring system for the entire range of products.

With more than 20 employees, of which 4 commercialists and 6 distributors supported with a fleet of 12 vehicles with full equipment for distribution of any type of packaged foodstuff, Horizont has the capacity for distribution of more than 220 products in all regions in the Republic of Macedonia.

The commercial capacities of Horizont consist of a strong team of well-trained and experienced commercialists and distributors who professionally conduct our corporate philosophy consisting of the following values:

Distribution network

From 1990 to the present, the company has been steadily growing in terms of expanding the range of brands and, accordingly to that, developing its distribution network. As one of the most important brands to which Horizon is the exclusive representative and distributor are:

distribution network horizont
  • ETA KAMNIK from Slovenia, distributing products from the Natureta program.
  • IREKS AROMA Zagreb, with distribution of products from the program for raw materials / ingredients for baking and pastry, as well as products from the meat processing program.
  • PEZ International, distributing products from the candy,dispenser program.
  • SANAPLUS from Hungary, distributing vitaming tablets from PEZ International.
  • ZDENKA from Croatia with distribution of products from the dairy program.
  • MILEX with distribution of products from the meat industry program.
  • SELECT from Serbia, distributing products from the pastry program.
  • BIMAL from Serbia and BiH with distribution of sunflower oil.
  • AGRAGOLD with consumable sugar distribution.


“… efficient distribution of a wide range of food products throughout the country through a professional team of experienced commercialists supported by highly developed logistics and administration”


“…. An example of stable and efficient food distribution network on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia …. “

Our Team

Horizont begins its history 28 years ago as a privately owned company of the Janevski family. The company started its development in the distributive industry with the wishes, ideas and experience of its founders. To date, the company Horizont has 20 employees of which 4 commercialists, 6 employees in the logistics and distribution sector and 10 employees in the management, marketing and administration sector.

Goran JanevskiExecutive Director and Owner
Graduated from the Faculty of Sports in Nis, Republic of Serbia. Born 1972,
with the position Sales and Marketing manager at Horizont. Goran Janevski is a FIFA licensed manager.

“As a family company, we treat our employees, partners and clients as part of our family.”

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