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With the wide range of products Horizont managed to change some habits of both manufacturers and consumers of sweets. The new products that appear on the market are certainly the result of hard work and effort to introduce new ideas. By offering continuous collaboration, Horizont has played an important role in the expansion of the product range on the market, including, for example, functional food, i.e. products that, in addition to nutritional properties, have a positive effect on the body’s functions of the user.

Prepared mixtures and stabilizers

Finished mixtures for making fillings

Glaze and ready-made chocolate glazed cream

These ready mixes for creams and stabilizers are used for making various types of creams using cold procedure, with water or milk additives, ready-made liquid mixtures for making whipped cream, stabilizing additives for thickening and stabilizing creams , fillings, fruit juices, etc.

From the finished blend, the fillings are made with the addition of water, while the finished fillets are immediately ready for use.

Glaze and ready-made chocolate glazed cream should be melted in boiling water until consistency of the overflow, or if it is ready for filling – flushing and surface decorating of sweets, then it is immediately ready for use.

Finished mixtures for biscuit mass

Dough mixtures for dough preparation

Ice Cream Base and Additives

Finished mixtures for biscuit mass are used to make biscuit cakes with the addition of water, eggs and fats.

Dough mixing preparations for the dough are used for making sweet, raised dough with the addition of digesters, water and grease.

Ireks Aroma’s ice cream bases, paste for dairy and fruit ice cream, finished blends and additives help you make the best ice cream version imagined!

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