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Meat Industry

The use of additives for meat processing in the production program of Irex Aroma and Milex enables safe and economical production of high quality meat products. The additives for the meat processing are based on the development and years of experience and cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers of additives and spices.

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The Croatian company Irex Aroma operates since 1993 as a daughter company of the company Ireks from Kulmbach, Germany, one of the leading manufacturers of improvers and dedicated mixtures for bread, pastry and sweets. Also, Irex Aroma is a general agent and distributor of the German company RAPS (Spices and Accessories in the meat industry) for the territory of the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

All products of Irex Aroma are developed and produced with maximum care for the preservation of the environment and are based, primarily, on natural raw materials of the highest quality.

The company Milex was founded as a trading company in 1992. In 2007, the first line for the production and packaging of a mixture of spices and functional mixtures for the meat industry was put into use. The same year, the industry of spices, additives and flavorings “Milex” employs over 35 people and is 100% privately owned.

Expertise, quality and perseverance contributed to Milex becoming a trusted partner and one of the largest producers and distributors of spices, aromas, additives, paints, sheaths, knives, etc. , but not only for the local but also all branches of the food industry.

Additives for making dough from meat and filling for colored semi-sausages

Powdered additives, which on the basis of their effective phosphate component enable fast preparation of local dough or filling for chilled and semiprecious sausages, as well as other meat products from the asparagus and finely chopped meat . The additives are composed of several functional components, whose actions complement each other. The main ingredient of the supplements is a phosphate-based component that affects the ability of the protein from the meat to bind with water and the ability to emulsify,and it also indirectly affects the color of the meat. The addition of antioxidants and organic acids affects the creation of a desirable color of the meat, a more complete decomposition of nitrites, and decreases the pH value indirectly and increases the bacteriostatic action of nitrites, especially in the anaerobes. All ingredients of the additives are mixed in optimal quantities and meet the technological requirements for the production of meat products.

Brine meat additives with wet procedure

The Irex Aroma production program offers several additives and additives for brushing the meat with a wet procedure, depending on the desired amount of growth. For a growth of up to 30%, a product that is recommended is MIOPHOS VS, which has a clearly pronounced effect on the ability of the meat to bind water, because of the content of the effective polyphosphate component. The carrageenan-based supplements group has been developed for use in cooked brined meat products with medium to high growth (30 to 100%). In the formulation of all additives a sodium salt of ascorbic acid is incorporated due to its long-lasting effect, ie the ability to react more slowly with nitrite in the aqueous mixture. The additives are intended for wet grinding of meat by injection procedures or for complex procedures, through mechanical treatment in automatic devices, by massaging or tumbling. The use of poly phosphates and / or carragenan supplements increases the ability of brine to bind water, reduce the amount of extracted jelly, improve the color, taste, structure and consistency of the finished product.

Additives for the formation and stabilization of the color of meat products

Data that is used in meat processing for the development and stabilization of the color of brine in the production of sausages, products from the asparagus and finely ground meat, as well as in the wet brushing processes of meat. The basic ingredient of the additives is an ascorbic acid-based antioxidant for fast treatments, that is, the sodium salt of ascorbic acid for long-lasting procedures. Ascorbic acid with its reduced effect affects the reduction of nitrite in the brine process, that is, it ensures the formation of NO – pigment, which gives the desired pink color of the fried meat. The faster, more complete and smoother growth of nitrites is also influenced by the lower pH values of meat products. Therefore, a mixture of sugar (monosaccharides and disaccharides) and food grade organic acid is incorporated in the formulation of the additives, which ensures that at a certain stage of the process the pH drops and the faster decomposition of the nitrites occurs.

Additives for making durable and quick-fermented sausages

Durable sausages represent a specific group of meat products, which during the technological production process are not subjected to heat treatment. The task of the additives is to enable and accelerate the proper development of a beneficial microflora during ripening and to promote and properly perform the dehydration procedure, thus completing the production process. Permanent sausages, depending on the technological equipment and production conditions, can be produced in a classic (traditional) way, subjecting them to further fermentation and maturation (3 to 6 weeks and more, depending on the type and radius of the sausage cover), or by a process of rapid fermentation, with the addition of means that accelerate the fermentation process. For the classic way of production, it is recommended to use MIOLONG, that is an additive based on antioxidants and reducing sugars (monosaccharides and disaccharides) which with their composition positively influence the course of ripening of permanent sausages, that is, allow for the development of a desirable microflora and a specific taste, and the consistency of the finished product. MIOLONG GDL, a glycone-delta-lactic base (GDL) additive, has a clearly expressed action to rapidly lower the pH of the phylum. Low pH has a positive impact on the course of complex biochemical processes, the result of which is the creation of specific color, taste and smell, as well as the desirable consistency of durable products, while reducing the possibility of developing undesired microflores of the product.

Additives for emulsifying and binding water

Finish powder additives based on soy protein, milk protein and starch proteins, are used in various meat products depending on their functionality. Highly functional soap-based emulsifiers used in cash all kinds of food products, naturally with light color, as well as neutral taste and smell. The quality of the final product depends on the added soybean protein in the meat products. With high-quality meat products, added proteins can be used as an alternative source of protein, and for low-quality products, proteins can increase the emulsification of meat protein and significantly improve product quality without increasing the cost of raw materials . In the larger pieces of meat, supplements are used to increase the ability to retain water and create more softness and juiciness of the products. Soybean structural protein based additives are used as a protein supplement in the preparation of meat dishes and molded minced meat, contributing to the development of the structure, as well as the stability and nutritional value of the products. These additives are ideal in combination with minced meat products, such as hamburgers, burgers, kebabs, meatballs and similar products used in the catering industry and the meat industry.

Salt for binding meat

The salts for meat binding are the most important ingredient in the production of meat products. They are supplied in the form of fine white crystals and easily melt in water. In addition to its extremely conserving properties, in order to inhibit the growth of various types of bacteria, such as salmonella, staphylococci, listeria, clostridia, and especially the type of “clostridium botulinum”, it also affects the achievement of a desirable stable color, typical taste and smell of flavored products, as well as reducing the oxidative changes in fats.

Natural colorizer for meat processing

BOMES is a natural colorizer that is lipstic based (E 120) intended for use in the preparation of sauasages and pates. Adding a colorizer increases the usual pink color of the meat and meat products. The influence of the colorizer is particularly evident in long-term storage, storage of products at different temperatures and under the influence of different lighting. Adding BOMES allows long-lasting color and fresh appearance. BOMES is added at the beginning of the cutting procedure (Cuter procedure) to ensure a balanced distribution of the colorant on the local mass. Before use, it is recommended to dip the guide in a small amount of water. BOMES is added in an amount of 0.5 to 3 g / kg monthly mass, depending on the desired intensity of the color of the finished product.

Fodder additives

For this program, Irex Aroma has developed and tested in practice various products that are used in livestock nutrition:
• Aromas with flavors of vanilla, caramel, butter, milk and fruits (apple, citrus fennel, strawberry, banana, tart fruits), which increase the appeal of food.
• Enzymes as natural enhancers for better digestion and use of food in pigs and poultry.
• Milk replacements that allow early rejection of suckling babies with no undesirable biological effects.
• Supplementary means for feeding in the form of mineral vitamin supplements or protein enriched mixtures.
• Lignin salts enriched with minerals for goats, sheep, pigs, and horses.

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